About Sean and His Massage Therapy Practice


Sean McLaren LMT is a licensed massage therapist with almost two decades of experience helping his clients stay active in their daily lives, regardless of their level of fitness.

Sean enjoys working with people of all fitness levels and brings his enthusiasm for an active lifestyle to his practice and the relationship he develops with his clients. He becomes your partner and supporter in achieving your goals, no matter where you begin. He will help you improve the agility, flexibility and strength needed to keep moving and meet the challenge to better performance in the activities you enjoy.

He also helps exercise and sports enthusiasts and professional athletes improve their level of activity, heal from injury and gain the many benefits that massage offers an active person and lifestyle.

Sean appreciates the challenges of living an active lifestyle. He has played hockey since he was a small child, enjoys outdoors sports – golf, tennis, hunting and archery – and regularly maintains his fitness level through the practice of Tai Chi, cycling and gym workouts. He still skates weekly with a recreational hockey team.

Since 2000, Sean has taught massage therapy at the Healing Arts Institute in Fort Collins. In 2004, he became the official massage therapist to the Colorado Eagles professional hockey team.