Client Testimonials

If you are looking for help in relieving the physical discomfort of a stressed lifestyle and overwork – Sean offers practical advice and the benefit of his approach to therapeutic massage.

As a client in the Miracle Sports Massage practice, you’ll participate in achieving the improvement you’re seeking – providing your observations and feedback on your progress. Read more about what Sean’s clients say about their experience:

“As a multi-sport athlete, I am always finding new and creative ways to tweak myself.  Sean’s knowledge of bio-mechanics and the relationship between the discomforts I feel and the real source of the problem leads him to the areas that most need work.  His deep tissue sports massage and active release give almost immediate relief and keep me in the game.

As a physician, I see patients with a plethora of physical complaints.  Sean always succeeds in getting them back on their feet very quickly.  Patients come back thanking me for sending them to Sean.  Many comment that his massage is, indeed, a miracle sports massage.”

Lisa Butler, D.O.
Integrative Osteopathy, Fort Collins, Colorado

“Sean McLaren is an outstanding therapist. His experience as an Instructor at The Healing Arts Institute along with his work with the Colorado Eagles hockey club makes him one of the most knowledgeable therapists in the Northern Colorado.

He has the ability to recognize patterns of dysfunction and provide the necessary corrections as needed to deal with chronic and acute pain. I recommend him especially if you have stubborn, reoccurring issues that just won’t go away or if you are seeking long-term change in your overall health.”

Gary Salinger
Owner of the Healing Arts Institute
Author of Body InsightTM Integrative Neuromuscular Therapy

“When I arrived in Fort Collins I was in considerable pain. Sean’s massage was just what I needed to relieve the tension in my neck and get me on the mend. I have had countless sports massages in my 16 years as a professional volleyball player–Sean’s knowledge and technique is among the best i have experienced. Thank you, Sean.”

Stein Metzger
2004 Beach Volleyball Olympian & volunteer coach of the UCLA Woman’s Volleyball team

“I have had massage therapy for several years from different therapists, but I was hooked after one appointment with Sean. Sean not only treats and relieves specific muscular pain and stiffness with the latest therapeutic techniques, he also helps me address causes and achieve wellness by teaching me proper stretching exercises and mechanics.”

Joanna Sinnwell,
Patient, Fort Collins, CO

“Sean brings sound therapy skills and a solid work ethic to his position. In addition to Sean’s abilities as a massage therapist, he communicates effectively with myself, the coach and players. He possesses an outgoing, agreeable character which helps create an environment conducive to teamwork and winning.”

Chris Porowski, ATC.
Head Athletic Trainer, Colorado Eagles Hockey Club, Loveland, CO

“Sean has been my massage therapist since 2002. With his assistance, I have remained fairly injury free through running marathons and long distance bike riding. When I did have an injury, Sean’s great technique and thorough knowledge of anatomy quickly resolved the issue. One time I hurt my back a week before a marathon; with Sean’s massage and my stretching I was able to toe the start line and run the marathon.”

Paul Patterson